False disinformation theories about 9/11 attacks and Perpetrators

False theories about 9/11 attacks




After long time investigation, it becomes an obligation for me to identify the false theories. Yes, there are too many false theories in 9/11 Truth movement. Those false theories are the most spoken ones in order to fill all possible public space with false theories.

That makes the 9/11 Truth movement the biggest barrier against the truth.

The 9/11 Truth movement is led by disinformation agents who are working to cover the truth up. In other words, most of the leaders of 9/11 Truth movement are ACCOMPLICES with the actual perpetrators of the attacks; they should be trialed for complicity with the criminals who killed 3000 people.

The official reports did not answer all questions that the victims' families are asking. Some of those families joined the 9/11 truth movement expecting to get some support for their problem. Those families are unaware that they are working with the accomplices of the criminals who killed their loved ones.

In order to remain honest and be able to face all possible critics against my work about 9/11, I definitely left the 9/11 truth movement. From 2007 to 2011, I gradually identified such persons and stopped my work with them.

The pancake theory of doctor Zdenek Bazant

Doctor Zdenek Bazant supports the official version.

Two days after the attacks, on September 13th 2001, Doctor Bazant, published a report which could be summarized as follow: If the floors, situated upper the plane's impact, fall by one floor height in free fall, its impact will create a load equal to 8 times its weight. As the structure is sized to bore 3 times the upper load, the lower floor will break and fall also. This will repeat the collapse up to the ground.

The free fall is only possible if all the columns under the impact level break within about 0.01 second. That's totally impossible, except if all these columns are broken using high speed explosives.

The upper part does not fall in one solid and heavy part. During the collapse it will be broken in thousands small parts. So their weight at impact is too much smaller unable to break the lower floors which are stronger.

Even the official report of NIST refutes this pancake theory. But Dr. Bazant continues to support his pancake theory.

The very quick publish of his report in Media means the report was prepared before the attacks. And that means Dr. Bazant was probably the specialist who designed the demolition of the twin towers by carefully placed bombs.

Dr. Steven Jones' Thermite and Molten Metal theory

Doctor Steven Jones claims that the towers were demolished using Thermite which is a thermal reaction that creates high heat able to melt metal. It's based on the following information:

Some witnesses reported that more than 3 weeks after the events, clearance workers found molten metal in the basements of the towers. I refuse to consider eyewitnesses testimonies until they are not supported by strong evidence. If I saw such molten metal, I'll surely make tens or hundreds of pictures. But in this case, we have only the following pictures:

This picture shows some hot material falling from the south tower seconds before its collapse. This picture is similar to thermite reaction. But the precision of the picture is not good and it's impossible to identify the material. Even if we assume that this is a Thermite reaction, it's the only evidence for Thermite. This could not lead to the collapse of the towers.

This picture is used in the top of the paper of Steven Jones explaining the destruction of the towers. We proved that this picture is produced using Photoshop kind tools. We identified the column in the upper right part of the picture inside the debris in the south-east corner of the north tower. But nothing else could be identified near of it in the debris. The light in the right side is too much homogenous showing a Photoshop insert of white zone. The presumed molten metal would not fall in such manner; it must fall like a grouping liquid. ... This is a fake picture.

This picture is also shown as an evidence for molten metal. In reality this is only a portable torch light used by the workers.

The angle cut column in this picture is shown as cut by Thermite. In reality this column is cut during the clearance using oxy torch kind equipment. There are several pictures and videos showing such cut operations. We can investigate as much as possible; never can we find any evidence proving that this is cut by Thermite. All evidences lead to an oxy torch kind cut. Most of these evidences are explained in the lower picture.

How to explain the publication of such weak and false theories by Steven Jones? I let you decide by your own.

By supporting the thermite theory "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth" (AE911) and their supporters become accomplices in spreading this disinformation.

Morgan Reynolds and Veronica Chapman's "No planes theory"

Also supported by Jim Fetzer and Chuck Boldwyn from 9/11 Scholars

These people claim that all the pictures we saw about the impacts of the planes on the towers are fake and just computer made! How could people tell such absurdities! Couldn't they imagine so many people saw these events live!

Jim Fetzer and Chuck Boldwyn consider the absence of visible deceleration during the entry of the plane into WTC2. This is consistent with the physics law F= m * a (Force = Mass * Acceleration); the possible force is very low and meaningless to create any deceleration during 0.25 second entry time.

On our repeated requests and explanations in the end of 2010, Jim Fetzer and Chuck Boldwyn refused to refute that theory without justifying themselves.

Dr. Judy Wood's "Space beam" theory

As the towers collapsed as quickly as a free fall, Dr. Wood claims that this has been achieved using energy beam from space! How could doctors be so crazy! How is it possible to bring such high energy from the Space while the equipments sent to the Space are less than 1kW? The needed power to demolish the towers is about 1.000.000 times bigger.

In another argument, she claims that towers were "dustified"; the steel was converted into dust. Most of the visible effect during the collapse was the huge amount dust. That's created by the explosions breaking the concrete of the floor slabs into very small particles creating huge amount of dust. She misleads people by saying "there was a conversion of steel into dust, by some kind of physics miracle". When scholar people with the title of "Doctor" say such crazy arguments, how can we consider their arguments other then disinformation?

Meyssan's missile theory and Loose Change

Thierry Meyssan was the first people to refute the official theory starting by the Pentagon attack. He was right by the fact that there was a bomb. The second picture released about the Pentagon shows very hot fire, too much hotter than kerosene explosion. But he continued to claim that the hole is too small, and only a missile could enter such hole.

When we consider whole damage span on the Pentagon, we can easily find the wings traces on the façade. Meyssan wrote his book in 2002, very quickly after the attacks. But still in 2008, there are many people who claim that missile theory, for example Dylan Avery in "Loose Change", the most known movie on 9/11. This is unacceptable.

Eric Bart, Jean-Pierre Petit, Jim Hoffman, Victoria Ashley, the 757 hitting the Pentagon

These people use many wrong theories to support the official version that a 757 hit the Pentagon. In this case of the Pentagon attack, the officials showed many false pictures and planted evidences to prove that it was a 757. Here are some explanations of the pictures:

Their strongest evidence is this picture showing the debris of an RB211 engine which is an engine of a 757. Sure the injector fixation holes are consistent with such engines. But we don't know where this picture is made. In the best case, this engine parts were planted inside the plane before the attack.

This picture shows a rear landing arm of a 757 found near the "exit hole". Only non fixed heavy objects could reach the exit hole situated in the extension of the entry path of the plane. As the landing arm was inside the wing, it could only be detached at impact time with the façade. As the plane was not coming perpendicular to the façade it rotated during the impact. Reducing the speed of the right side and increasing the speed of the left side. Only the left arm could be detached. At impact time, the direction of that arm was not toward the exit hole.

So this arm was just planted inside the plane to be use used as evidence for the presence of a 757. It's the same for the flight data recorder which was found near the exit hole also.

The landing wheels of 757 are identical to the wheels used in some 737 models.

This picture shows a slat actuator, identified as being from a 757, is presumed to be of the Pentagon. We have no information on where and when the picture was made. It looks like some people gathered the slat actuator with all its parts, put it on the lawn of the Pentagon to make the picture and show it as evidence for the presence of a 757. The real slat actuator of the plane had to be situated inside the building or near the façade, not on the lawn far from the building. This is planted evidence. I can't consider it.

These people claim that the left engine touched and broken a ventilation wall at the ground. There is a broken part on the ventilation wall, visible in the lower left corner of this picture. This part is broken at ground level. But there is no trace on the ground prior the wall. Also the right engine touched and damaged the diesel generator at about 2.5m high. If the right engine was at 2.5m high, the left engine could not be at ground level, this makes the plane too much oblique and the left wing had to touch the ground. Here down a 3D construction showing this position of the plane. This wall had to be broken by one of the cable spools which were thrown over the ventilation wall.

They all find that the damage span on the façade is smaller than a 757. As the official theory tells that the wing's tips were broken before impact, they also claim similar absurdities. But some of them found another explanation: "When the fuselage hit the façade, the impact made a big speed reduction breaking the wings at their connections to the fuselage. That made the wings rotate reducing the damage span on the façade." In such planes, the strongest parts are the wing parts situated between the engines and the center of the fuselage. They transmit the lifting effect from the wings; the engines throttle force and the impact force at landing time from the wheels to the fuselage. The impact of the nose to the façade could never create big speed reduction; because the nose is made by weak material. So these arguments, claiming that the strongest parts were broken by the impact of the weakest parts, are completely wrong. The measured damage span is reliable information showing that a plane as big as a 737 hit the Pentagon.

There are still many wrong theories. But I don't want to waste more time to debunk all such fantasy theories. The conclusions of my investigation are explained in the power point presentation. This explanation was never debunked and I am ready to defend it in a justice court. But there is no justice court that could hear my request.

Yes USA and their allies based organisations made attacks of 9/11 to justify invasions of Muslim countries and convert the peace time into a war situation in whole world.

Muslims are not involved in the attacks of 9/11/2001.

Who are those people supporting these wrong theories and why they do it?

Dr. Zdenek Bazant, Steven Jones, Reynolds, Chapman, Jim Fetzer, Chuck Boldwyn, Judy Wood, the authors of Loose Change, Eric Bart, Jean-Pierre Petit, Jim Hoffman, Victoria Ashley


All known people are not listed.

It is very likely that all these people are accomplices of the criminals who killed 3000 innocents on 11/9/2001 and they work to cover the truth up by propagating all kind of false theories.

We ask that a justice court hear them and they explain the reasons why they have propagated all these false theories.

Justice must be done for the direct victims of the attacks and for the victims of the wars started on this basis.